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Multi Asset Investing

Multi-asset investments offer an off-the-shelf solution for investors looking for a diversified mix of assets in one investment. These investments hold a range of different types of assets like equities and bonds. They diversify across different countries, types of assets and may include other assets like commercial property or gold that offer additional diversification.

Diversification is one of the main benefits of multi-asset investing because gains in some assets can offset losses in others. Equities, bonds and other assets like gold or property can perform differently over time as market conditions change. This means that holding a mix of assets can help dampen down the ups and downs that every type of asset can experience.

The asset allocation for each of the 1OAK funds is guided by Blackrock, the largest managers in the world with over $7.3 trillion AUM (as at Q2 2020).

1OAK Multi Asset Funds

Fund NameAsset TypeVolatilityEquity/Bond RatioDistrtibution 
MA40 Fund UCITS  5%- 9% 40/60 None / 4% Read more >
MA60 Fund UCITS  8% - 12%  60/40 None / 4% Read more >
MA80 Fund UCITS  11% - 15%  80/20 None / 4% Read more >


Ideal core holdings for most investors.

Asset allocation based on guidance from Blackrock

Risk graded funds to meet needs of different investors

Daily dealing across all platforms and wrappers

Low cost market exposure

Accumulation and income options

Multiple currency share classes

Retail UCITS V Fund for maximum investor protection

Risk Graded

The funds are risk graded to be suitable for investors with different attitudes to risk. Each Fund in the 1OAK MA range has a long term strategic allocation to equities and bonds. The equity/bond split has been set to create a risk reward profile that is suitable for investors with a lower, medium and higher attitude to risk.



Core Investment

The funds have been developed to be a core holding for investors. They offer diversified exposure to equities, bonds and liquid alternatives.

Asset Allocation Guided By Blackrock

The exposure to each strategy component is guided by Blackrock and draw on Blackrocks detailed research, analysis and forecasting capabilities. They combine quantitative analysis, risk management and a discretionary overlay.

Low Cost Market Exposure

The 1OAK MA Funds use low cost ETF’s and direct market access to minimize costs and charges. 

UCITS V For Maximum Investor Protection

The 1OAK MA Funds are UCITS V Retail Funds. UCITS V funds offer investors the highest level of safeguarding and oversight.

Flexible Share Classes

There are income and accumulation classes and share classes in different currencies.

Daily Traded

Investors can buy and sell shares in each fund every business day through all platforms and tax wrappers.

How To Buy

The funds can be bought and held through all investment platforms or bought directly. 

If a fund is not available on a platform, please contact 1OAK and we will contact the platform and give them the information that they require to make the fund available. 

Risks Associated With Funds

Investment Risk: The value of investments can fall as well as rise and investors might not get back the sum originally invested.

Investment in Funds: The Investment Policy allows the fund to invest directly and indirectly in units of other collective investment schemes; principally ETF’s. Investors should consider the investment policy and asset composition of the underlying funds when assessing their portfolio exposure.

Currency risk: Where investments are made in assets that are denominated in multiple currencies, changes in exchange rates may affect the value of the investments.

No capital guarantee: Positive returns are not guaranteed, and no form of capital protection applies.

Issuer risk: The fund invests in assets whose value would be significantly affected if the counterparty either refused to pay or was unable to pay or perceived to be unable to pay.

Interest rate risk: Changes in interest rates are likely to affect the fund’s value. In general, as interest rates rise, the price of a fixed rate bond will fall, and vice versa.

Investment in derivatives: The Investment Policy of the fund allows it to invest materially in derivatives.

Volatility risk: The fund may exhibit significant price volatility.

Inflation risk:  Inflation is likely to reduce the real value of capital and income over time.